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Olympic Tragedy and Other Conspiracies | Secret Truths | Conspiracy Theories Revealed | Podcast #5

Mark Willison and Scott Paton

Feb 13 2010

Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died in a horrific crash during an Olympic training run Friday on the eve of the Vancouver Games' opening ceremonies, flying off a high-speed track that has wasted little time showing its teeth.

The 21-year-old lost control of his sled on the final turn, went over the track wall and rocketed into a support pole near the finish line at the Whistler Sliding Centre. He subsequently died in hospital.

The shocking crash cast a pall on the Games, which had been gearing up for a worldwide opening ceremony celebration to be beamed live from B.C. Place. Instead top officials found themselves offering condolences at a Vancouver news conference.

"Sorry, it's a bit difficult to remain composed. This is a very sad day," said IOC president Jacques Rogge, pausing to take off his glasses and control his emotions. "The IOC's in deep mourning.

"Here you have a young athlete who's lost his life in pursuing his passion. He had a dream to participate in the Olympic Games. He trained hard and he had this fatal accident. I have no words to say what we feel," he told a packed news conference that lasted less than seven minutes at Vancouver's Main Press Centre.

"We are heartbroken beyond words to be sitting here," said VANOC CEO John Furlong, also struggling to hold back his emotions.

It is a tragic event which opened up a strange conspiracy theory observation discussed in today's show.

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