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Health Care Bill Ushers in "New World Order" | Secret Truths | Conspiracy Theories Revealed | Podcast #10

Mark Willison and Scott Paton

Mar 23 2010

President Obama signed into law a new Health Care Bill that promises to provide coverage for every signle American in the United States. Sounds great until you learn that they will be hiring over 16,000 new IRS agents to enFORCE these laws... Welcome to the New World Order.

In this episode, we explore the little known details about this bill and how it is going to directly affect you and your family!

We also discuss how this blatent and aggressive abuse of power might actually be backfiring against the Power Elite with 13 States already filing suit against the Federal Government claiming that the bill is "Unconstitutional."

How do you feel about this new Healthcare Reform now that you know what is in it?

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